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Inspiration for Aliame Jewellery

As a designer one is always told to draw inspirations from everything around them. So for my collections I was mesmerised by magnificence of Nature to depth of Science, from the grace of Dance to the simplicity of Geometry, from the mystic of a country like Japan to the art of Story telling and from the beauty of the Moon to the intrigue of Astronomy.

Each of my designs were carefully conceptualized and that's why they all have stories behind them. The inspirations are not just unique and different but are close to the concept instead of being very distant translations. I want my designs to resonate with the concepts as closely as possible.

Also when one wants to buy silver jewellery online in India and even in stores, we mostly come across very ethnic designs which don't lend themselves very well to the modern outfits we wear today. Therefore a lot my concepts are even new to silver jewellery in India because disciplines like science, astronomy, geometry, etc can't usually provide inspirations for designing ethnic or bohemian jewellery.

I decided to work on my own range which will not just look exceptionally beautiful but also intrigue anyone who wears it or sees it. I want to bring interesting themes and phenomenon into my jewellery pieces with clean lines making it elegant and sophisticated, 

In addition we pay crazy attention to detail and quality. Let me share my conversation with one of the karigars with you - 

  • Me: You need to file near the edge more to remove the scratches
  • Karigar: But madam they are barely visible
  • Me: They are visible Biswajit and they are visible to me so please remove them
  • Karigar: But madam this is silver jewellery, you shouldn't bother so much
  • Me: This is not just any silver jewellery, it's my silver jewellery and this is really important to me so please file and polish those away :)

I hope this gave you an insight into what goes on in the background to bring you the pieces we have here. I know this article was titled inspirations and you must be wondering how does quality fit in this scheme of things?? Well to me a lot of inspiration also came from international brands, some of which I even had the honour of working with in the export factory in Mumbai. To them mixing silver with gold was no big deal, the attention that we would give to the silver elements was the same as the gold ones. The emphasis on quality was amazing which made me realise how in India we tend to have a 'chalta hai' attitude if the jewellery is not as expensive and I wanted to change that. Thus began my journey to launching Aliame.

It felt so good to pour out my heart to all of you readers, I hope you feel where me and Aliame are coming from :). You can also read more under the page About. If you would want any more insight on anything and if you may have any questions please feel free to write to me on divya@aliame.com


Divya Gupta

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