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Science Wonderland

Unleash the nerd in you!
If you love the sciences and believe in it's all encompassing knowledge then share it with this collection.

Science has defined life as we know it today from Physics, Chemistry, Biology to Mathematics and Statistics. The boundless knowledge offered by this discipline can inspire anything. This collection is just as intriguing and exciting.



Heavenly Orbs

Let the explorer in you run free! 
If you have been fascinated by the stars and the world beyond then let this collection speak for you.

Astronomy has unfolded the mystery of heaven for mankind. From taking us on planetary journeys to explaining the true brilliance of the stars of our galaxy.

This collection is a tribute from us to the heaven up above drawing inspiration from the planets and their orbits.



A Twist in the Tale

Let the voracious reader in you celebrate! 
If reading and more reading is what defines you then let this collection spin your tale.

Who doesn't love a good story? A captivating story is the one which has many twists and turns and this is what guided our collection. It is as riveting and fascinating as a beautiful story.



Dancing Danglers

Let your rhythm take centre stage!
If any beat is an excuse to move then make way for those graceful movements with this collection.

Dance is a beautiful depiction of fluidity of motion. This collection brings out graceful movements in jewellery with intricate use of chains so that you can dance your heart out.



Lines of Beauty

Let linearity define you just this once!
If you like to keep it simple yet sassy then let the basics take over with this collection.

'There is beauty in simplicity' and geometry taught us that with all types of shapes and angles. This collection exemplifies the very definition of how clean lines inspired and even abstract patterns can translate into elegant designs



Nature's Glory

Let the nature lover in you breathe!
If you believe that just by soaking in the beauty of nature one can find find what they are looking for then let this collection be the answer.

We owe our sustenance to mother nature and it’s truly beautiful creations. This collection is creatively inspired by the natural elements of fire and water. Use of exquisite gold plating and enamel infuses these designs with a life of their own.



To the Moon and Back

Let the dreamer in you awaken!
If you have revelled in the Moon's glory letting your dreams run wild then let your dreams come to life with this collection.

Oh how many songs, poems and phrases have been written as an ode to the Moon. An astronomical body whose magnificence is spellbinding. This collection pays homage to the Moon in all it's shapes and forms.



Japanese Inspirations

Let the traveller in you roam!
If you think travelling is about knowing and enjoying the diverse cultures of the world then let this collection reflect your journeys.

Japan had closed itself off to the western world for a very long time which preserved it's very unique and enchanting culture.

So when Divya visited Japan last year it inspired her to bring this mystique to jewellery. The designs are inspired by the Japanese script, ornamental fans and architecture.



Games We Play

Let the competition take over!
This is our fun collection where we feature jewellery inspired by games from childhood board games to all others we played and well still continue to play with :).