1. Q - Will these silver earrings turn black?
    A - No they wont turn black for at least a couple of years depending on usage and sometimes the humidity in the air itself. But of course since it's 92.5% pure silver it tends to oxidize over time. You can get it re-plated from your local jeweller anytime you want.

  2. Q - Why won't these turn black soon when my other silver jewellery and articles turn black? Is this real silver?
    A - Yes, this is 92.5% pure silver. Why this won't turn black is because we plate it with Rhodium. This metal is much more expensive than even gold and extremely resistant to tarnishing. We apply a coat of this metal on top of our silver so that it retains it's colour and brightness

  3. Q - What can I do to prolong their life?
    A - Keep them away from water and any chemicals like perfumes or deos, never spray perfume after you wear the jewellery. Also keep them in an airtight packet like a ziplock bag

  4. Q - What does it mean when some jewellers say that their silver will never tarnish or turn black?
    A - Provided that it's real silver, this type of jewellery is plated with Nickel which can lead to allergies. So if you are prone to allergies then we would advise you to stay away from such jewellery.

  5. Q - Will this lead to allergies like imitation/fashion or like other silver jewellery?
    A - No, jewellery from Aliame won't lead to such allergies.  A lot of times silver jewellery is plated with Rhodium which has Nickel in it and this element leads to allergies. Our Rhodium plating is 100% Nickel free. In case of imitation/fashion jewellery, allergies can also be caused by the use of copper.

  6. Q - Why would jewellers plate with Rhodium that has Nickel if it leads to allergies?
    A - Silver is a soft metal therefore filing and polishing 92.5% pure silver is very difficult. Nickel helps hide the flaws and also let's them claim that it will not turn black at all.

  7. Q - Can I get my jewellery gift wrapped?
    A - Our jewellery comes in a beautiful box which is perfect for gifting. Do let us know if you want to gift it by sending an email on info@aliame.com and we will add a special note in the box from you.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to write to us at info@aliame.com and we would be happy to answer them.