Aliame - it's Latin for the 'One for Me'. At Aliame we weave truly artistic silver stories for you! 

About Divya Gupta

Founder, Divya Gupta spent more than 2 years studying design, computer aided design (CAD) and most importantly manufacturing, from Jewellery Product Development Centre, Delhi. She is also a certified Diamond Grader and Gemmologist from Gemmological Institute of India, Mumbai. In addition to her proficiency in jewellery, she holds an MBA in Marketing from NMIMS University.

She has a decade of experience in designing, overseeing manufacturing and marketing jewellery for a range of high end international clientele like Links of London and Erickson Beamon from London, Leslie Greene and other high end designers in US. She gathered this experience working with export houses in Mumbai which emphasised the importance of quality in jewellery.

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About Ayan Ghosh

Advisor, Ayan Ghosh is an MBA from IIM Lucknow who has over a decade of rich experience in Marketing and brings in valuable customer insight. He is also a mechanical engineer and helps bring forth inspirations from science and technology in our design. He is a guide and mentor who keeps us pushing. 


Aliame is an offering from the Yellow Ripples Marketing Group. They also founded the brand 'Beyondinary.com' which showcases curated unique products. Ayan is a passionate writer who runs his own Marketing blog - YellowRipples.com so if you are looking for tips and tricks on Marketing then do check it out!

Divya - divya@aliame.com
Ayan - ayan@yellowripples.com