Is Silver Jewellery worth it?!

Wow, that’s a loaded question. That’s why, as you may understand it’s really tough to answer but I am going to give it a shot. Here goes…

Silver is a precious metal which does not burn a hole in your pocket. You do get the value of silver albeit it’s not as much and that’s why not a driving factor so I won’t dwell on it. Since silver is relatively inexpensive, up and coming designers can afford it, they put their heart and soul into the designs which are exquisite yet affordable. You don’t have to pay a bomb as premium to buy some unique and extraordinary stuff from them.

Silver jewellery is where all the experimentation happens, it offers a wide range of designs and some really unique conceptual designer jewellery because unlike gold it’s cheaper to work with and therefore a lot of talented new designers start with this metal.

There is also copper and brass. Copper is way too soft and brass/bronze is much heavier however silver is perfect in terms of its strength and weight combination. Also brass and copper are not very malleable which means they are not suitable for intricate work. Whereas silver is a versatile metal that you can use to create fine details and settings. In addition most people are allergic to metals like copper and brass. Copper and brass jewellery is often plated but when the plating wears off that is when the after effects can start. Whereas silver is hypoallergenic for most people when it contains no nickel.

Gold in India is mostly bought as an investment which means designs and creativity are always secondary to the value of the metal itself. The more intricate the design is the more the making charge will be. People don’t want to pay these making charges because it does not get them any ROI therefore, the lower they are, the better it is. This is why most jewellers keep very basic designs which give the best value for the metal to the buyers. This is in complete contrast to silver jewellery where designs and creativity are paramount.

Unlike gold where wastage is a huge part of the cost, in silver it is irrelevant that’s why designers and karigars can produce some brilliant work as they don’t have to worry about silver getting wasted in filing and polishing. This means we do as many iterations as required to the get the design and finishing we desire. This translates into excellent quality work for you.

So bottom line is, if you are somebody who loves variety and a collection of fine things then silver jewellery is ideal. The workmanship and the presence of so many brands will offer you such a wide range to choose from. You can match the right design with the right type of dresses, you can match colours, you can have everyday wear, you can have more elaborate party wear. You can own some head turning pieces in your collection at a fraction of the gold cost.

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