24 Unique Science Jewelry Pieces Which Make For Amazing Gifts

Here are some of the most unique and stunning pieces of science inspired jewelry for the science nerd in you (or amongst your family and friends :) ). We curated this list based on how 'sciency' they were, and whether we would like to give or receive each of these as a gift.

For each product, we included a product description by the creator, but more importantly, mentioned why we loved it (and think you will too!)

Without further ado, here they are:

(Note: Prices mentioned are at the time of writing this article and may have changed)

1. Full Moon Pendant 3D Necklace

Full Moon 3D Pendant Necklace

This stunning moon pendant has two sides, giving an incredible 3D feel. The image inside is enlarged with a domed glass cabochon to produce a beautiful and realistic moon. Pendant measures 18mm in diameter (not including the bail), and comes on a matching silver or bronze chain which is adjustable from 52cm-57cm.

Why we love it

We love it because it actually looks like the moon! The craters and other markings all look remarkably similar to the actual moon, and it seems to glow. Basically, it feels like wearing the moon on your neck :) So this is perfect for anyone who loves astronomy, or just loves looking at up the moon (werewolves included!).

Price: $15

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2. Dopamine Molecule Necklace


Dopamine Molecule Necklace


Dopamine is the 'pleasure' chemical. It's released during pleasurable situations and allows us to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. This necklace is made from pure stainless steel. It has a unique 3D design with a special illusion effect which makes it reflect light and change color.

Why we love it


We love the different take on the dopamine molecule design. The 3D effect and the slightly different colors of the central hexagons make this look a lot different than the more 'standard' dopamine molecule pendants out there.

Price: $30

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3. Atomic Structure - 3D Short Dangler Drop Earrings 

Atoms 3D Earrings Sterling Silver

The world is made up of millions of tiny little atoms. These intricate earrings capture their essence literally yet beautifully with the electrons existing in a cloud orbiting the nucleus.

The nucleus at the centre and the electrons have a black-rhodium plating which makes them stand out against the white rhodium plating on the earring. Rhodium is a metal 10 times more expensive than gold and plating the silver with it prevents it from tarnishing for many many years. The plating is also 100% nickel free to prevent skin allergies. Each of the pieces is painstakingly handcrafted and hand-polished to a very high degree of gloss

Why we love it

Though my wife (who is the founder of Aliame.com) has created a lot of science themed jewelry over the years (you can check all of them here btw), but this has remained one of her absolute favorites. It also happens to be one of our top 3 selling pieces.

Creating such an intricate 3D design and then making it come to life was really challenging, but all of the fabulous reviews we have got for it have made it totally worth it :)

Price: $95

Get it here 

4. THC (medical marijuana) molecular solid gold ring set with genuine birthstones 

THC Solid Gold Ring


THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main compound in "medical marijuana".

The ring is shown here with emeralds but you can choose to use birthstones of your choice. The ring can be cast in your choice of 10k/14k/18k solid (white, yellow, rose) gold. The molecular structure curves with the same arc as the ring for a smooth fit and minimizes any catching.


Why we love it

There are tons of merchandise out there with the marijuana leaf design, but if you want something more subtle and far more nerdy, and love the 'highs' of life, then this is definitely for you! The embedded birthstones representing the atoms of the THC molecule definitely make this one stand out.

Price: $460

Get it here


5. Benzene Ring Molecule Ring 3D


Benzene Molecule Ring

Benzene is an important organic chemical compound with the chemical formula C6H6. The benzene molecule is composed of 6 carbon atoms joined in a ring with 1 hydrogen atom attached to each. This ring represents that structure beautifully and is available in multiple material options - gold plated brass, solid gold and sterling silver.

Why we love it

Benzene's symmetrical hexagonal structure always stood out for me in organic chemistry classes. This ring is a beautful representation of that simple, elegant structure. The fit and finish is also supposed to be really good as per the reviews. So this makes for a great gift for all lovers of chemistry (especially organic chemistry!)

Price: $80

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6. Buckyball Molecule Necklace 3D

Buckyball Pendant

Buckminsterfullerene (or bucky ball) is a type of fullerene with the formula C₆₀. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure that resembles a soccer ball, made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons. Buckyballs are good lubricants because of their spherical shape. Their hollow structure could make them useful for delivering medicine in the future. Carbon cages like buckyballs floating in the space between the stars have been confirmed as the cause of cosmic-light features that have puzzled astronomers for almost 100 years.


Why we love it

It's a molecule that looks like a soccer ball - what's not to like! This one is sure to be a head turner and will appeal to nerds of a really wide variety - chemistry, astronomy and soccer :)

Price: $100

Get it here


7.  Tardigrade Necklace Pendant 

Tardigrade Necklace Pendant


Tardigrades, also known as the "water bears," are possibly the most resilient known animal. They can withstand temperature ranges from 1 K (−458 °F; −272 °C) to about 420 K (300 °F; 150 °C), pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and the vacuum of outer space. They can go without food or water for more than 30 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and go on with their lives. They are also tiny - mostly about 1 mm (0.04 inch) or less in size. They live in a variety of habitats worldwide: in damp moss, on flowering plants, in sand, in fresh water, and in the sea.


Why we love it

These are cute little animals but tough as hell. More than love, we take our hats off to their resilience. Imagine an animal surviving in outer space! Probably one of the best conversation starters if you find yourself amongst other science nerds or just someone asking - 'What's that - a bear?'

Price: $25

Get it here


8. Diamond Molecule - 3D Unique Silver Earring

Diamond Molecule - 3D Unique Silver Earring by Aliame

This is inspired by the molecular structure of a Diamond with the carbon atoms placed in a tetrahedron. So all you geeks can now literally wear a diamond on your ear ;) The atoms are plated with black rhodium while the rest is plated with white rhodium to bring out the contrast.

Why we love it

My wife absolutely adores diamonds - she is actually a certified diamond grader. So she really put a lot of thought into this particular earring. The black rhodium plating on the carbon atoms was a result of the same.

This is also one of the top sellers on our Etsy shop - I guess a lot of other women also love it as much as we do! :)

Price: $69

Get it here

9. Glass Galaxy Necklace 

Glass Galaxy Necklace


This beautiful universe glass pendant has a fabulous three-dimensional interior design and takes on various aesthetic looks in different lighting conditions. Depending on the source and quantity of light, the color of the glass pendant may vary in intensity. It's made with a torch in soda lime silica glass and an assortment of colored glass and techniques to achieve the final appearance


Why we love it

The kind of detail this universe pendant has is stunning. As one reviewer said - "As a lover of space, I found this shop to have the most superior in terms of its blown glass creations. The back is painted red, has two "planets" circling each other with golden sparkles." And the box itself has an LED light which turns on, making the piece sparkle. A must buy!

Price: $49

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10. Serotonin Molecule Matching Promise Ring for Couples

Serotonin Molecule Matching Promise Ring for Couples

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. The four ways to boost serotonin activity are sunlight, massage, exercise, and remembering happy events. Interestingly, Serotonin is also part of the reason why you become nauseated! It's chemical name is 5-hydroxytryptamine and it is a monoamine neurotransmitter. These matching rings capture the molecular structure and are available in silver or gold-plated versions.

Why we love it

Given that serotonin is our happiness molecule, it just makes perfect (and romantic) sense to have matching rings which embodies the molecule. These rings seem to do that really well. A great gift to give (and receive) on those special occasions like first date anniversaries, valentine's day or wedding anniversaries.

Price: 47

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11. Astronaut earrings, Mismatched earrings

Astronaut Earrings

These are simple, affordable, mismatched astronaut earrings. The post is silver so wouldn't cause any allergies for those with sensitive skin.

Why we love it

I don't think astronauts have ever looked cuter than this :) And the 2 astronauts doing their own thing just makes the earrings look adorable.

Price: $13

Get it here

12. Rhodium Plated Scientific Microscope Cufflinks

Rhodium Plated Scientific Microscope Cufflinks

The design of these microscope cufflinks looks really detailed. The rhodium plating ensures a high degree of gleam and they come in a chrome cufflink case with optional engraving.

Why we love it

I remember the first time I looked through a microscope and marvelled at the structure of an onion peel. I am sure others have felt the same degree of wonder looking down at bugs, leaves and micro-organisms through a scientific microscope. These cufflinks are a great way to revive those memories and make perfect gifts for anyone who still gets to use microscopes - doctors, lab technicians, research scientists, food scientists...the list goes on!

Price: $23

Get it here

13. Periodic Table of Elements Bracelet

Periodic Table of Elements Bracelet

This brass bracelet has the vintage periodic table of chemical elements (lanthanides and actinides omitted) engraved. The imagery appears sepia, aged and stained; in fact parts of it almost resembles antiqued brown leather. The brass cuff is easily adjustable to customize the fit to your wrist by using slight pressure once on.

Why we love it

The periodic table of elements is one of the fundamental aspects of chemistry and this bracelet captures that beautifully. The aged look reminds us of the fascinating history of how the periodic table came into being (from being based on atomic mass by Mendeleev to being based on atomic number). It truly is a wonderful gift for anyone in the fields of chemistry, material sciences or anyone who is a science nerd.

Price: $29

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14. Circle of Willis Necklace

Circle of Willis Necklace

It looks like a tiny little person, but the Circle of Willis is the path of blood in the brain. It is the joining area of several arteries at the bottom side of the brain. What’s really cool about this path is that if there are blockages in the vessels, the blood is able to use an alternate route, ensuring that brain cells continue to receive oxygen. You can think of it as a back-up plan that evolved to keep our brains functioning for as long as possible. This pendant represents the Circle of Willis accurately and is made of sterling silver.

Why we love it

The Circle of Willis looks like a person, but is not, so it's sure to be a great conversation starter. The high quality finish of the pieces also makes it stand out. This necklace is perfect for vascular surgeons, people who always have a back-up plan, neurosurgeons, and medical students.

Price: $167

Get it here

15. Interlocked DNA necklace

Neuron Pendant Necklace

These two circular, interlocked DNA rings are 3D printed as one connected piece, and made in sterling silver. They are delivered with a sterling silver chain with lobster clasp. The silver is nickel free so shouldn't cause any skin rashes or allergies.

Why we love it

We really liked this unique take on the DNA design. Makes it stand out from a lot of the simpler DNA-themed jewelry pieces. The seller also seems to have added some nice touches like a cleaning cloth and a certificate of authenticity. This would be great for gene editing researchers, microbiologists, biology researchers, doctors and medical students.

Price: $173

Get it here

16. Neuron gold necklace in a circle

Neuron gold necklace in a circle

A neuron is a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. What sets it apart from other cells in the human body is that neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body. This necklace represents a biologically accurate representation of a neuron. It's a sterling silver chain with a silver plated pendant.

Why we love it

We love it for how detailed the neuron structure is. It clearly shows the key parts of a neuron - dendrites, nucleaus, myelin and the Scwann cell. So the moment someone comments on the necklace, you can dive straight into explaining all the different elements and what each does. As the seller says - just don't get on their nerves! :)

Price: $72

Get it here

17. Rorschach inkblot silver necklace

Rorschach inkblot silver necklace

The Rorschach inkblot test is one of the most classic psychological tests in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both. It was developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in the 1920s. This necklace showcases the test card 1 of the test, and is available in plated silver and gold.

Why we love it

Whether it is actual science or pseudoscience, it sure is fun! And who can forget the Rorschach superhero character in Watchmen? It can also be a great icebreaker at get togethers with people coming up with their own interpretations of what the inkblot means :)

Price: $67

Get it here

18. Heart of Stone - Labradorite Moonstone or Chalcedony Miniature Anatomical Heart Pendant


Heart of Stone Pendant - Aliame Blog


A miniature heart of stone pendant, anatomically correct, which has tiny veins embracing a mystical labradorite, lunar moonstone, or luminous aqua chalcedony. Available in bronze and silver


Why we love it

There are a lot of anatomical heart pendants but few of them as pretty to look at, as this one. The gemstones really make these hearts stand out!

Price: $74

Get it here

19. DNA Thumb Ring in Sterling Silver

This sterling silver ring represents the double helix structure of DNA in 3D. It follows the curve of your thumb and is open at the ends to adjust to any thumb size. Minimum can be US size 3 by crisscrossing the band and all the way up till around US size 11. The entire DNA ring is plated with white rhodium.

Why we love it

Our 3D DNA ear ring had been a best seller on Etsy for a long time. That design inspired us to create this thumb ring, which was far more complex to create as we had to curve the structure. But we couldn't be happier with the end result - and our customers tend to agree :)

Price: $59

Get it here

20. Sea Life Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace contains a variety of intricately detailed sea life - starfish, shells, seahorse and seaweed. It's made of textured and polished sterling silver. Its lobster clasp has a spring mechanism for added security.

Why we love it

It absolutely does remind me of all the times I was in or near the sea. And I am sure it will strike a similar chord for everyone who loves the beach, snorkelling, scuba diving or just lazing around on your back on top of the sea. And of course, marine biologists and oceanographers! Great idea, well executed.

Price: $64

Get it here

21. Brain earrings in silver

These brain earrings are quite intricate and delicate, but from what the creator mentions, still quite wearable. These are silver plated dangler earrings. It also has an option of a 24k gold finish.

Why we love it

The structure of the brain isn't inherently pretty (at least in my opinion :) ). However, these earrings turn that notion on its head by making the design really intricate. A great gift for anyone who is brainy, a neurologist, medical students or Hannibal Lecter :D

Price: $50

Get it here

22. Erlenmeyer Flask Earrings

The Erlenmeyer flask was created in 1860 by the German chemist, Emil Erlenmeyer. It features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck, and is found in every chemical laboratory in the world. These earrings represent that classic design. They are made of stainless steel and have an option of a gold or silver finish.

Why we love it

The Erlenmeyer flask is the workhorse of the chemistry lab equipment world - simple yet elegant. These earrings capture that simplicity, yet stand out with that little heart cut out, which seems to represent the love we have for this flask. A great gift for anyone working in any lab!

Price: $33

Get it here

23. Serotonin and Dopamine Molecule Earring

These are mismatched earrings - one representing the serotonin molecule and the other representing dopamine. Both the molecules are associated with pleasure and happiness so this combines both of them into a single pair. The earrings are available in different finishes and multiple options of gemstone colors

Why we love it

We love the idea of combining both of the happiness molecules into a single earring pair. If you really really like someone, or its someone who makes you super happy, this is the perfect set of earrings to gift them :) The option to choose the gemstone color is also a really nice touch.

Price: $49

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24. Oxytocin molecule necklace

Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter, and best known for its role in female reproduction. In addition, it plays a key role in controlling aspects of human behaviour like empathy, trust, sexual activity, and relationship-building. Its chemical formula is C43H66N12O12S2 (yeah, that's loooong).

This necklace represents the structure of oxytocin and is made of brass with gold plating. The seller also allows you to add on a letter of your choice.

Why we love it

The sheer size & complexity of oxytocin's molecular structure in this necklace is bound to attract attention and get people talking. But yet, it looks elegant and not loud. The option to customize with any letter is also a neat touch, which I am sure will work great as a gifting option.

Price: $53

Get it here

Summing it up

Hope you liked our list and got some great options for science themed jewelry gifts - for yourself or for the science nerds in your social circle. If you want to see all of my science themed jewelry pieces in sterling silver, visit this page. Do let us know which of the pieces in this article you liked the most in the comments below!

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