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24 Unique Science Jewelry Pieces Which Make For Amazing Gifts

Here are some of the most unique and stunning pieces of science inspired jewelry for the science nerd in you (or amongst your family and friends :) ). We curated this list based on how 'sciency' they were, and whether we would like to give or receive each of these as a gift. For each product, we included a product description by the creator, but more importantly, mentioned why we loved it (and think you will too!) Without further ado, here they are: (Note: Prices mentioned are at the time of writing this article and may have changed) 1. Full Moon Pendant 3D Necklace This stunning moon pendant has two sides, giving an incredible 3D feel. The image inside is...

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10 Unique Biology Jewelry Pieces to Blow Your Mind

Here you’ll find some of the most unique and amazing pieces of biology inspired jewelry. I have curated this list especially for anyone who loves biology - be it animals, plants, the human body, or even microorganisms! The three main criteria for being part of this list were: Is it related to biology? Would a biology lover like to give or receive each of these as a gift? Is it awesome or drop-dead gorgeous? Only those who met all the criteria made it to the shortlist. Without further ado, here they are! Neuron gold necklace in a circle A neuron is a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. What sets it apart from other...

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