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Is Silver Jewellery worth it?!

Wow, that’s a loaded question. That’s why, as you may understand it’s really tough to answer but I am going to give it a shot. Here goes… Silver is a precious metal which does not burn a hole in your pocket. You do get the value of silver albeit it’s not as much and that’s why not a driving factor so I won’t dwell on it. Since silver is relatively inexpensive, up and coming designers can afford it, they put their heart and soul into the designs which are exquisite yet affordable. You don’t have to pay a bomb as premium to buy some unique and extraordinary stuff from them. Silver jewellery is where all the experimentation happens, it offers...

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Our Jewellery Design Inspirations

As a designer one is always told to draw inspirations from everything around them. So for my collections I was mesmerised by magnificence of Nature to depth of Science, from the grace of Dance to the simplicity of Geometry, from the mystic of a country like Japan to the art of Story telling and from the beauty of the Moon to the intrigue of Astronomy. Each of my designs were carefully conceptualized and that's why they all have stories behind them. The inspirations are not just unique and different but are close to the concept instead of being very distant translations. I want my designs to resonate with the concepts as closely as possible. Also when one wants to buy silver jewellery...

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